Soft Tissue Surgery: Very uncommon Urethral Prolapse on a male dog

I am Asahi. I am a very handsome dog from the USA. I have a beautiful girl friend. Recently, she is in season and ready for mating. I have been very exciting. However, It is so terrible that whenever my penis gets erected, it bleeds a lot as if something cutting my penis. My owners are extremely scared as my penis has been bleedig for 7 days and many vets tried to treat with medicinea but my penis is still bleeding. Yesterday my owners decided to send me to Saigon Pet Hospital for secondary opinion. My new vet here checked and said that I have a very rare problem called URETHRAL PROPLASE from my urinary system. This is similar to rectal prolapse from digestive system. So, what to help me? How did my new vet fix my penis? Will I be able to have babies? Can I have sex? …. ARE all questions from my owners. And below are what my vet did for me and I am well now.

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