Rabbit Surgery: Broken thigh. Femur Fracture

My name is Lovie. I am a 6 months old male Vietnamese rabbit from an English family in Phu My Hung, District 7, Ho Chi Minh city. I did hip hop around my house and two days ago I jumped to ironing room. The heavy ironing machine dropped on me and my left back leg was broken. I was sent to a hospital in Phu My Hung but the vets refered me to Saigon Pet Veterinary Hospital because my thigh femur bone was broken. It was so painful and you may know rabbits are very sensitive to anesthesia and antibiotics. We can die easily. You can see details of my operation here performed by Saigon Pet Veterinary Hospital tonight. Thank you very much to Mr Scott. Thank you very much to the vets: Dr Khe, Dr Yen, Suka, Toan, Trung and Nguyen for your help during the operation. Pictures may be graphic but these are very helpful and interesting for whoever are interested in surgery for animals. Thank you.

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