Thick dog training for a dog

Emergency Operation for a naughty Pug: I am a handsome but very very naughty pug from Binh Duong. I can chew anything. For 2 weeks, I have been vomitting and in pain. My owner sent me to a vet hospital in Ho Chi Mibh city but I am very very weak and the vets there worried about my condition to treat me. They told my owners that I was weak and could not eat for 2 weks and because I am a shorted nosed dog, I will die easily. My owner decided to refered me to Saigon Pet Veterinary Clinic. My new vet and staff at Saigon Pet clinic found out that my stomach was nearly broken because of one foreign body obstructed and blocked the opening of my stomach and small intestine. The X ray shows that this created a serious condition called perforated ulceration. I needed an urgent operation. Just finished now. My vets removed a big hair pin of my owner. I am ok now. Better. But still need to learn a lesson that all puppies and owners must be very careful with toys particular the ones with sharp pin.

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