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    General info:

    Founded in 2008, Sai Gon Pet Clinic’s goal was to open the best animal welfare veterinary clinic in Vietnam. We combine skill and technology to ensure your pet gets the best possible care. 

    We open 7 days a week all year round and offer an emergency out of hours service too. Your pets well being is our top priority. 

    • Address: 33, 41 street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh city
    • Email:
    • Phone: +84 (0)28 3519 4182 – 093 903 6637
    • Working hours: Mon-Sun: 7:00 AM-9:00 PM 
    •  Please call 0909 063 267 for booking appointment in English, French or Mandarine.

    Senior Veterinarian: Nguyen Van Nghia – DVM, PhD 

    Specialist of companion animal medicine, surgery and diagnostic imaging from the University of Bristol – School of clinical veterinary Medicine – England.

    Member of British Small Animal Veterinary Medicine Association

    Lecturer of faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Nong Lam University – Vietnam

    Dr NGUYEN VAN NGHIA opened Saigon Pet Clinic in 2008 after returning from Bristol’s University of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, in the UK. The pet center was opened by a team of international vetrinarians and consultants from Vietnam, Australia and England and provides comprhensive vetrinary care to animals across southern Vietnam. Our mission is to keep your pets safe and healthy in a welcoming and friendly clinic. Our team understands the needs and concerns of the owners too and take great care to provide you with the best service possible. We have also teame-up with A.R.C (Animal Rescue & care) providing a safe-haven and medical treatment for abused and abandoned cats and dogs, making our community a better place.


    Medical Service
    We would consult in detail on your Pet’s condition, process of treatment (like vaccine, prevention…) together with treatment fee in order for your Pet to get the most efficient result.
    Relocation consultation Vietnam
    We can give you specific consultation on the regulations and the laws in specific contries and areas as well as all needed information concerning Pet relocation
    We provide all beauty service including Grooming, nail care, teeth care… with the help of updated and clean techniques…
    Pet Items
    All Pet Items and Food are available at Sai Gon Pet Clinic. You can always be consulted every essential information regarded to your Pet’s nutrition schedule.
    Animal Rescue
    Support with Pet intensive care, pet adoptation and related rescue activity.
    Pet Hotel
    With the clean and regularly sterillized cage system, we provide the most comfortable schedule for your Pet, including nutrition schedule, cleaning schedule as well as medications if required

    Why Us?

    All services available

    At Sai Gon Pet, we can provide you all services related to your pet including medical, treatment, hotel, grooming, relocation, food and all items.

    24/7/365 service

    We are always ready to ensure that your pet be extremely taken care of.

    Professional process

    With our experienced and well – trained doctors and experts, together with updated and well functioning technology, we provide your pet the best health caring.


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