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    Sai Gon Pet Clinic


    Founded in 2008, Sai Gon Pet Clinic has always been determined to launch as one of the best animal clinic in Vietnam, with the combination of good care and technology. We open 24/7/365 days a year. With the readiness of all skillful and experienced doctors, we assure that your Pet be good taken care of.

    • Medical services; Imaging (Xray, Ultrasound, CT)
    • Pet hotel; Grooming service
    • Pet items
    • Pet relocation

    Why choosing Sai Gon Pet?

    With the readiness of updated technologies that we have embraced like Ultrasound machine, a digital X-ray machine, digital infusion pumps, and high quality medication and vaccines imported from Europe and the United States… our doctor can diagnose the most correct physical condition on your Pet

    Our experienced and skillful doctors will be always ready to help your pet. In addition, we also have many consultants from famous universities around the world, in order to update the most precise and important informationin the medical aspects.

    In all situations, We would consult in detail on your Pet’s condition, process of treatment (like vaccine, prevention…) together with treatment fee in order for your Pet to get the most efficient result.


    Chữa bệnh bằng y đức và tinh thần trách nhiệm, luôn đảm bảo tính liên tục và thông suốt liên lạc trong suốt quá trình điều trị thú cưng, cam kết mang lại cho bạn và thú cưng dịch vụ với chất lượng cao nhất có sẵn. – Saigon Pet Team